July, 2012

A simple request for…TIES!

As many of you know Brad and I, along with our son Ryan are heading to Kenya to visit our orphanage on Monday! We’ve been in constant communication with our director Oprah over the past few weeks learning the needs of the orphanage and kids and figuring out what is practical and impractical for us to bring with us. We just received a last minute request from our boys asking for ties to wear to church. We brought ties last December and the boys humbly asked if they could have another tie since the same tie each Sunday gets…well you know old! So here is a great opportunity to help out some well deserving boys with their simple request; TIES!!

The deal is that we only have tomorrow, Sunday to collect them; so after church if you’d like to take off your tie and donate it to these great boys, just come find us around the primary room or grab one of our sons, daughter-in-laws or grand kids and they’ll be glad to take it from you! Who knows you might even get a big hug from any of us for helping!!! We teach in the room kitty-corner to the primary room if you want to find us there 2nd hour and we’ll be in the primary room for Sharing Time 3rd hour.

~BRAD & SUE FRANDSEN and family!

Eternal Hope Childrens Home

We are going to Kenya!

Eternal Hope Childrens Home…here we come!

We leave Monday, July 30th and need your help!

I hope I can inspire many of you to go clean out those drawers and closets!! You have no idea how much these items are appreciated by the kids.


We are now collecting the following items either new or gently used:

  • Dress Sandals: Girl’s size 13 up to women’s size… 9.5. The girls usually have to wear their clunky black leather school shoes to church, so this will be a treat for them to have dress sandals to wear. Heels are okay, just help us watch the weight!
  • Shorts: Boys and men’s sizes up to mens large (34 waist)- please no jeans or heavy cargo shorts, they weigh too much and take forever to dry! They prefer ones with zippers as opposed to athletic shorts but they’ll gladly take either!
  • Light Fleece Jackets: All sizes for girls, womens, boys and mens- nothing bigger than a large. Pull-over, zipped, button, not too bulky, these are good insulators and are lightweight and dry quickly!
  • Dresses: For girls ages 8-16 years old. Oprah is a stickler for modesty so take that into consideration please! One of our 15 year olds is 5’9″ and most of the girls are pretty slim.
  • Slips and Bras: Teen sizes, any kind, in neutral colors please
  • Dark Church Pants: Waist sizes 27″-34″, boys sizes 24″-25″ Boys are ages 6 & 7 yrs old; teens up to 17 years old
  • Girls Nightwear: Pajama bottoms and long nightgowns. For girls ages 8-16 years old. Their nights can get chilly, they must be modest. These are very simple to sew if anyone needs a pattern or is willing to sew Sue will gladly donate the material!
  • DVD’s: We’re also looking for nice G or strong PG rated family DVD’s.They love slapstick and decent cartoons. They earn movie nights when they do well at school!
  • Church DVD’s: The Work & The Glory (set), The RM, Suits on the Loose, Mormons & Mobsters, Baptist at the Barbecue, Singles Ward #1, and Church Ball
  • Donations: They are also accepting donations to help purchase athletic shoes and rain boots for the kids once they’re in Nairobi.


Check out Eternal Hope Childrens Home on facebook and their web page; for more information.


All checks need to be made out to ETERNAL HOPE CHARITIES! They are a 501c3 organization so it’s tax deductible! Contact Sue or Brad Frandsen if you’d like to get involved!

December 2011

We were able to spend 2 full weeks in Nairobi! We had the privilege of taking the older kids on an adventure to the Nairobi National Park, which is right in town. The trip included all of us riding in matatus which was a first for us. We were able to see a lion, a lioness, giraffes, several species of antelope and some of us saw a rhino. Our bus got stuck in the mud which was a bit nerve racking since we were out there in the wild and it was getting dark and the kids were hungry! By the time we were able to get rescued and back into town to catch our matatu to get back home it was dark. Not a good thing for us especially to be out after dark. The older boys were so sweet encircling us and even one took my hand as we pushed our way through the crowded streets to find our bus. I don’t know how we did it but we managed to get all 20+ through the crowds and then onto even more crowded and noisy matatus and back to the orphanage. What an adventure!!

November 2011

Kids are very busy preparing for their school final exams this month. Because of recent violence in downtown Nairobi we’re waiting a bit before we decide when to travel to Nairobi. We have so many items that need to get there; we hope everyone just behaves nice so we can go by the end of the month.

October 2011

The Silverdale Stake Relief Society had a huge service project this past year and have presented us with several T-Shirt dresses, hand knitted scarves and hats. I was so impressed and humbled by the amount of time and effort went into making so many. Brownsville Ward Relief Society also had a great service project and on one night put together some very cute skirts for each of the girls. We’ve also begun collecting family type DVD’s, church CD’s, ties and white shirts for the boys.

Also we came up with the idea of collecting recorders- flutes for the kids to learn to play. We’re so grateful for the generous people who have helped and contributed.

September 2011

Getting the children baptized has been a huge challenge. After several attempts to complete the paper work and I emphasize the word CHALLENGE here for many of the kids have no idea when their birth date is and do not have parents to obtain permission. I’m afraid we might have rattled a few nerves in the Mission Office as they scrambled to figure out the proper way to handle these rare cases. Thankfully we had such a huge support from the Mission President himself, as well as the stake president. After the paper work was all completed the next step was to schedule the actual baptism. The missionaries had to baptize the kids in smaller groups due to the fact that they didn’t have enough baptism clothing to go around. After several weeks of miscommunication, missing closet keys, empty water tanks and missing missionaries the baptisms were finally all completed by the end of the month. With about 8-10 kids being baptized each week; it made for a lengthy Sacrament meeting the following Sunday as they confirmed each child. It’s a thrill to see them grasp the gospel. Many of them have already offered prayers and help with music during the Sacrament meetings. Most all of them have taken the opportunity to share their testimonies in church. We so appreciate the great efforts from the full-time missionaries and the warm welcome the ward has given them. What a blessing!

August 2011

The children are on their school break for the month of August. In Nairobi the school year goes from January to January with the entire month of April, August and December off. Well most of the kids get the month off; our older kids get about 2 weeks off, then return to school for intense tutoring.  Many of the kids have not had the opportunity to attend school with any amount of consistency.  The kids have been attending regularly since last January and they struggled quite a bit at first. But each term’s test results are starting to show some improvement! Opra is throwing a big party for the kids this month in honor of those who have improved and are doing well in school.  We have encouraged the staff to come up with some educational games to keep the kids busy this month.  We also have been blessed to have the World of Difference humanitarian group come by last month. They created a small library for the kids in one of the study rooms- complete with books of all kinds. The kids are so thrilled! They never really had books readily available to them and Opra reports that they’re in the library all the time…reading!!! We’ll certainly have to make room in our carry-on next visit to bring more books for them!

July 2011

The kids are working hard on their exams this month. We hope they can find some success in school that will help motivate them to continue to work hard with their studies.

Several humanitarian groups have come by and visited the orphanage, which the children absolutely love. The children sing and dance for them and then they’re given a tour. Most groups come with small treats for the kids and like to do activities with the kids as well as teach them songs and games. The kids seem to really enjoy the break from studying as well.

June 2011

Through the generosity of the sisters in Brownsville ward we have been able to pay for transportation so the children can attend church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints full time missionaries spend a lot of time at the orphanage helping to clean, playing with the kids and teaching them the gospel. We’re excited to see them have an opportunity to attend church and are working to see how we can go about obtaining permission for the kids to be baptized who have the desire to do so.

May 2011

School is back in session! Things are pretty quiet now in the orphanage. We’ve begun searching for more tutors and are creating more study space in the building for the kids. We also have implemented a reward for school work completed; a Friday night Movie Night! Thanks to the generosity of a sweet family who donated a projector the kids now can enjoy watching movies together. We’re anxious to begin collecting DVDs to take back with us.