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Our dear Irene passed away…

Wednesday February 20, 2013 our dear Irene passed away. She had suddenly become ill on Monday with diarrhea, vomiting and fever and was taken to the hospital. Tests for the usual diseases all came back negative. Irene only became worse, she became confused and unresponsive. She passed away quietly. On our side we believe she might have had a seeping appendix that slowly filled her belly with infection. Her only treatment offered at the hospital was ‘injections’ of what, we have no idea, it’s what they do there in Kenya. We do know that the staff did all they could to help her. Now they have the sad task of telling the children. Thank goodness this sweet girl was baptized and can now continue on in peace. Prayers for the staff and children are needed now as they deal with the harsh reality of life in Kenya. We are so thankful that they’ve been taught the Plan of Salvation and have full time missionaries nearby who can help them find hope in Christ and his plan for each of them. Thank you all for your continue thoughts and prayers.
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