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Life Gets a Little Crazy Sometimes

We apologize for the neglect of our website; life on both sides of the world keep us pretty busy.  Many things have happened in Kenya since our last post but rest assured that our children and staff have always been kept safe. Our staff has been very vigilant and cautious when it comes to the welfare and safety of our children. We appreciate your many prayers on their behalf and feel extremely blessed that we were able to the move the children into their new and more safe home before all of the recent violence and troubles began in Kenya.

Because of the unrest that has plagued Kenya we have postponed our trips to Kenya for the time being. This breaks our hearts because we miss seeing and hugging those sweet kids. It’s their reality and our challenge to continue to meet their needs from so far away. Whenever we visit the orphanage we usually show up with heavy bags with much needed purchased items that are less expensive in the United States as well as the many wonderful donations that many of you have shared. These items are essential for the orphanage and the children and regretfully because we are unable to deliver these items at this time many items now need to be purchased there in Nairobi.

So in our awkward and very humble way we are having to ask for money donations to help offset the costs of items that are desperately needed. If you can imagine having to feed and clothe 35 growing children you may begin to understand what a challenge it is to keep up with their needs. Other factors that create the need is the children do all their laundry by hand, they scrub and rinse the Kenya mud and grime each piece at a time which causes excess of wear on their already used but appreciated clothing. Recently a plea for underwear for the children arose, think about it…how many pairs of underwear do your children wear a week times that by 35 kids…that’s a lot of underwear! And they are not cheap in Kenya and besides who in their right mind would want to wear used underwear! These little things add up and have caused a strain on our meager monthly budget. We understand that many of you are already stretched to the limit because of the financial situation here in the states and so it’s difficult for us to put out the word for help. If money can’t be given at this time please know that we so appreciate the prayers and the continued support and encouragement you all are giving to our project, these deserving children and staff members are always so appreciative of the kindnesses that have been extended to them and we extend that appreciation on to you all who have helped and supported us in the past.

May we all continue to remember that ‘By small and simple things, great things can come to pass!’ Thank you again for your continued support.

We encourage you all to keep track of our progress on our facebook page and enjoy the pictures and comments that are posted there.

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