Please say a prayer for Oprah tonight! Our previous landlord is giving us grief and demanding more money from us and all kinds of craziness. He is insisting that Oprah meet with the District Council to plead his case, so her Monday morning she’ll be there with all our documentation to defend the orphanage from this greediness. Depending on if the council has been bribed or if any of them belong to the same tribe as our landlord this could get crazy. Oprah is a fighter..especially when it comes to what is right and what is wrong, she will fight! Prayers for her courage to see this through and that it will all end on Monday so we can move on with life at the orphanage with out his threats.


Check it out…the pictures are posted on Facebook!


We finally were able to register the kids into their new school! Unlike the US, when kids transfer schools in Kenya the schools charge to have the kids evaluated as well as other fees such as testing fees, yep, you pay to take all your tests. This is how Kenya’s free government schools work. But we are so blessed that we can provide this opportunity for these kids. We thank everyone who is donating, your donation is helping these kids prepare for their future.  They love school and know education is the key to breaking the chain of poverty and crime in their lives.


Posted on Facebook! Check them out!


We’re all waiting anxiously for pictures of the kids in their new home…so stand by! We can’t wait to see and hear how the kids like it! This is a huge step financially and we’ve been so blessed with support the past couple of weeks. Thank you to those who have heard and acted on our prayers!!


Today’s art sale benefit was a HUGE success!!! We want to truly thank all who dropped by and purchased Carla Palmer’s prints and a big heartfelt thank you to Carla Palmer for your tremendous generousity and huge heart! You are making a big difference in these kid’s lives! Can’t wait to share Eternal Hope Childrens Home with you in person!!!

DECEMBER 3, 2012 • Big changes!

Big changes are going on at Eternal Hope Childrens Home. After months of searching we’ve finally have a new place for the children to call home!! Quiet, safe and newly built!! Hopefully we’ll get some pictures from Kenya of the kids checking out their new home. Stay tuned!!!


10 days in Kenya already over!

We had a great 10 days with the kids and staff! It was heartbreaking to say our goodbyes…tears all around! Keep a look out on our website and facebook as a slowly start posting pictures and videos of how much these kids are growing and of the fun times we shared with them.

A simple request for…TIES!

As many of you know Brad and I, along with our son Ryan are heading to Kenya to visit our orphanage on Monday! We’ve been in constant communication with our director Oprah over the past few weeks learning the needs of the orphanage and kids and figuring out what is practical and impractical for us to bring with us. We just received a last minute request from our boys asking for ties to wear to church. We brought ties last December and the boys humbly asked if they could have another tie since the same tie each Sunday gets…well you know old! So here is a great opportunity to help out some well deserving boys with their simple request; TIES!!

The deal is that we only have tomorrow, Sunday to collect them; so after church if you’d like to take off your tie and donate it to these great boys, just come find us around the primary room or grab one of our sons, daughter-in-laws or grand kids and they’ll be glad to take it from you! Who knows you might even get a big hug from any of us for helping!!! We teach in the room kitty-corner to the primary room if you want to find us there 2nd hour and we’ll be in the primary room for Sharing Time 3rd hour.

~BRAD & SUE FRANDSEN and family!

Eternal Hope Childrens Home

We are going to Kenya!

Eternal Hope Childrens Home…here we come!

We leave Monday, July 30th and need your help!

I hope I can inspire many of you to go clean out those drawers and closets!! You have no idea how much these items are appreciated by the kids.


We are now collecting the following items either new or gently used:

  • Dress Sandals: Girl’s size 13 up to women’s size… 9.5. The girls usually have to wear their clunky black leather school shoes to church, so this will be a treat for them to have dress sandals to wear. Heels are okay, just help us watch the weight!
  • Shorts: Boys and men’s sizes up to mens large (34 waist)- please no jeans or heavy cargo shorts, they weigh too much and take forever to dry! They prefer ones with zippers as opposed to athletic shorts but they’ll gladly take either!
  • Light Fleece Jackets: All sizes for girls, womens, boys and mens- nothing bigger than a large. Pull-over, zipped, button, not too bulky, these are good insulators and are lightweight and dry quickly!
  • Dresses: For girls ages 8-16 years old. Oprah is a stickler for modesty so take that into consideration please! One of our 15 year olds is 5’9″ and most of the girls are pretty slim.
  • Slips and Bras: Teen sizes, any kind, in neutral colors please
  • Dark Church Pants: Waist sizes 27″-34″, boys sizes 24″-25″ Boys are ages 6 & 7 yrs old; teens up to 17 years old
  • Girls Nightwear: Pajama bottoms and long nightgowns. For girls ages 8-16 years old. Their nights can get chilly, they must be modest. These are very simple to sew if anyone needs a pattern or is willing to sew Sue will gladly donate the material!
  • DVD’s: We’re also looking for nice G or strong PG rated family DVD’s.They love slapstick and decent cartoons. They earn movie nights when they do well at school!
  • Church DVD’s: The Work & The Glory (set), The RM, Suits on the Loose, Mormons & Mobsters, Baptist at the Barbecue, Singles Ward #1, and Church Ball
  • Donations: They are also accepting donations to help purchase athletic shoes and rain boots for the kids once they’re in Nairobi.


Check out Eternal Hope Childrens Home on facebook and their web page; for more information.


All checks need to be made out to ETERNAL HOPE CHARITIES! They are a 501c3 organization so it’s tax deductible! Contact Sue or Brad Frandsen if you’d like to get involved!