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ETERNAL HOPE CHILDRENS HOME is an orphanage located in Kayole, an impoverished area of Nairobi, Kenya.  We currently care for about 40 children between the ages of 5-17 years old.  These children through no fault of their own, have had to live in dificult circumstances.  Some of our children have had a parent die from AID/HIV. Most of them were found being raised by very elderly or ill relatives with few resources who could barely care for themselves let alone children.  Many of the children had to quit school to care for a dying parent, siblings and elderly relatives. Even the youngest children had to bare a lot of the household responsibilities and find meager jobs or go out begging to help put food on the table. A majority of the children were abused or treated like a non-person in their own relative’s home.

ETERNAL HOPE CHILDRENS HOME provides a safe, clean environment for the children to live.  They have the opportunity to attend school and have tutors help them achieve academic success-thier ‘ticket’ to succeeding in the world outside the orphanage.  Many of our staff members are young adults who are able to attend college thanks to their employment at ETERNAL HOPE CHILDRENS HOME.  Thus, not only do we help the children succeed but also help our staff succeed in their endeavors to better themselves and their families.

ETERNAL HOPE CHILDRENS HOME is supported by ETERNAL HOPE CHARITIES, a non-profit chariatable organization based in the state of Washington.  Through donations they recieve EHC is able to provide funds to help pay for housing, food, medical needs, staff salaries, school tuition and everything else that is needed to maintain the home and keep the children safe, healthy and happy so they can continue with their education and move on to be responsible productive adults.

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