Brad and Sue Frandsen have been blessed with a good life.  Nearing their ‘Empty-Nest’ years they decided that they would like to become more involved in a humanitarian project and kept their ears and eyes out for one that would be a good fit for them.

After learning of a young woman from Nairobi who was struggling to find help for an orphanage who’s Matron had suddenly died, they decided to fly to Nairobi in September 2010 to meet this young woman by the name of Opra Ouma and to see what they could do to help.  After witnessing for themselves the terrible condition that the children were living in and the corruption of the leadership of the orphanage they decided right there that they had found their humanitarian project!  After consulting with experts in Kenya it was decided that the best thing they could do to help would be to begin a brand new orphanage.

Their help turned into a rescue mission; December 2010 with much diligence and defying several death threats Opra, with the financial backing of the Frandsen’s, was able to rescue about 25 children, find a new place for the children to live, hire new and trusted staff and began establishing a safe and clean home for the children.  Additional children were also taken in- some of them previously released by the original orphanage.

Through the whole ordeal Opra proved her dedication and determination to the project and won the children’s hearts (as well as the Frandsen’s) with her faithfulness and love.  With the beginning of the new orphanage the three of them felt it important to establish an environment that would instill new hope in the hearts of the children who by no fault of their own had been abandoned, orphaned, abused and neglected for most of their lives. They felt the desperate need to help the children break the chain of hopelessness; thus the name of their new home, ‘ETERNAL HOPE CHILDRENS HOME’. A home where they are loved and cared for; a home that expects them to go to school and make something of themselves; a home that is full of hope for their future.